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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fistpack 4 – Scene 3 Butts Before Brains

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This scene features Josh Adams in a pairing with Adam Faust, our exclusive blogger from New York. Adam, a red-headed muscle stud with amazing tattoos is one of the east coast’s top fisters. He has an energy and technique that mark him as a master, and Josh sure feels pretty good on the receiving end! They fist in several positions, including a dramatic one with Josh standing above Faust, squatting–actually jumping–up and down on the extended arm below him.

Featuring: Joshua Adams, Adam Faust.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Construction Zone 2 – Scene 1

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This is Remy Delaine’s fisting movie debut, and he tops the equally handsome Jessie Balboa in a cherry-popping scene that ranks at the top of the list of Chris Ward’s favorite scenes. This scene is about that special initiation of a bottom into the wonderful world of extravagant ass play! Jessie is a fisting top who has never bottomed before now, that is. If you met either of these men on the street, you would never know that Jessie would even consider taking a fist up his hole or that clean-cut college jock Remy Delaine is at heart a filthy sex pig. Of such men our wet dreams are made!

Featuring: Remy Delaine, Jessie Balboa.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Construction Zone 1 – Scene 1

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Filthy blond boy Tony Bishop takes a whack at tattooed muscle stud Chris Neal, a young fisting pro. Tony sets the tone for the depraved nature of the ass packing that follows when he takes out a long screw driver and shoves it all the way down his own cock, stroking himself from the inside out! Just before Tony blows his load they stop–and Neal moves into position, pointing his tight, pink hole up at Tony–an inviting target for brutal ass pummeling and stretching.

Featuring: Tony Bishop, Chris Neal.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fistpack 4 – Manic For Manhole!!

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After an award-quality blow job, Ruben D’Angelo bends over for some anal probing that stretch the limits of safe sex right to the edge. Then, just before going too far, Michael Brandon shoves his huge fist up Ruben’s eager hole, delivering some hot fisting. Wrap it up with a solid fucking from one of the biggest cocks on earth, and you know you’re gonna have huge ropes of white hot cum flying all around the room.

Featuring: Michael Brandon, Rueben D’Angelo.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fistpack 2 – Scene 5

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Carlos Morales and Tom Vacarro drive each other to the brink of insanity with this hot-as-fuck fisting scene featuring Carlos’ perfect ass.

Featuring: Carlos Morales, Tom Vacarro.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Toolbox 3 – Scene 2

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After being a top in several fisting flicks Eric Evans wanted to see what bottoming was all about. Wilhelm Dragon and Sean Storm were more than pleased to help him make his dream cum true. Once these guys got started, there was never any doubt that Eric could do it (turns out he has been a secret size queen for decades!!!). In the most shocking performance of his 10-year-long career, Eric is the picture of male sexuality as he takes an entire fist up his hole, laying on his back the whole time.

Featuring: Eric Evans, Wilhelm Dragon, Sean Storm.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Probe – Scene 6

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Superstud Shane Rollins joins with Puerto Rican Heart Throb Victor Rios to deliver almost an hour of unstoppable backhand love to Jerek. We think very highly of Jerek, and all of us are madly in love with him. Butt, we are also madly in love with Victor Rios’ uncut cock and his shimmering furry chest and then there’s Shane. Quite simply this is an awesome group fisting scene.

Featuring: Victor Rios, Shane Rollins, Jerek.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hole Sweet Hole – Scene 4

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Andreas Stitch and Adam Faust hit it off from the start and by the time the cameras started rolling, these two guys practically tore into each other–so much so that we had to slow them down. Adam, working slowly, warms up Andreas’s perfect hole, stretching and probing, until his fist slides in with perfect ease. Andreas, whose face is fashion-model beautiful, never looked better, his huge cock flopping down around his butt hole. Adam picks up the pace and puts Andreas on his back. Then, in some of the most amazing butt hole close-ups you will ever see, Adam spreads his bottom’s hole, opening it wide as the camera goes in tight, seeing deep into the cavern. When Andreas opens his mouth, you almost can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Featuring: Andreas Stitch & Adam Faust.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Construction Zone 3 : Working Class Ass – Scene 3

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We find Sean Harris in a sling–and believe you me, he never looked better! His hairy, muscular abdominal muscles pop when he lays in a sling, and his huge hairy pecs loom perfectly as the crown on his stunning torso. In a match made in heaven, Josh Adams is his top. Josh is a fisting genius, who plays Sean’s ass like the conductor of an orchestra. The fisting is so over-the-top that it must be seen to be understood. These guys are pros and it shows. Sean, another bottom with a huge cock, doesn’t just sit back and take it lying down. He is all over the sling, like a panther on the prowl, forcing his ass violently down on Adam’s clenched fist!

Featuring: Joshua Adams, Sean Harris.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fistpack 6 : Can Openers – Scene 2

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One of the best tops we have ever filmed is our own Taurus. He is a Sexpert of the highest order, a fisting genius who can make the most recalcitrant hole open wide and deep! Give him a hot stud like Jessie Balboa and you know there are going to be fireworks! Taurus wanted to fist Balboa in our industrial elevator. It’s a great set–very hard, very real, very macho.

Featuring: Taurus, Jessie Balboa.

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